How To Deal With Stage Fright

Ever since I’ve been little I’ve been singing in front of my family and strangers so stage fright wasn’t something that I thought I would have to deal with. After years of singing in front of small audiences I thought I was completely comfortable with being on stage. It wasn’t until I started playing big audiences with Me and Mae that I started to feel nervous, and shaky before shows. For me, singing was never the part that scared me it was talking to the crowd in between the songs. I remember there was always so much I wanted say before I got on stage and then the minute I would open my mouth to speak it’s like my brain would turn into spaghetti. Anyways I thought I would share some of the ways that I have overcome my stage fright.

  1. Semi planning out what I am going to say before I go onstage: This doesn’t mean planning word for word what I am going to say to the audience. For me it’s still really important to keep it authentic and spontaneous, but it does help to have a general idea of what I am going to talk about before I do, just so when the moment comes, I’m prepared.
  2. Relaxing before a show: Preparing myself mentally before a show has really shown a difference on my stage presence. Stretching, doing vocal warm ups, and meditating is the way I prepare for a show. I find apps are really useful for all of those things, for vocal warm ups I use Sing-Pro, and for meditation I love using Headspace.
  3. Remember why you’re performing that night. Sometimes before a show I get so nervous that I forget the reason that i am there in the first place. Focus on the passion that you have for performing and telling your story, rather than little things like forgetting the words and a certain note in a song. Inspiring myself before I go onstage makes me remember that performing is a blessing that I shouldn’t take for granted.
  4. Show up early: There is nothing worse than feeling rushed, and if you’re late for an important show your nerves are going to be even worse than they already worse. Showing up early and going to the green room to ease your mind is the best way to feel relaxed and ready before a show.
  5. If you’re feeling nauseous –  eat something. Don’t go onstage with an empty feeling in your stomach. I’m not saying down a burger right before you go onstage but eating something light will get rid of that gross feeling in your stomach. I read somewhere that eating a banana actually helps sooo eat a banana

Honestly sometimes even if I do all of these tips, I still get nervous depending on the show. It just means that I really want to do a good job, and the jitters that I feel before a show are completely worth it after I come off stage. Anyways, I hope this helped a little bit, thanks for reading!